Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering for our Dozer Day®: Yakima event!

We are SO EXCITED to put together another amazing event that helps inspire kids of all ages to get behind the controls. We couldn’t have done it without partners like Les Schwab Tire Center, American Rock Products, the WA State Department of Transportation, and MANY MORE! But we also are so very grateful for volunteers like YOU! We are confident that this will be an experience to remember for everyone involved and thank you for helping make it possible. Here are some details to help you get started. Please read them carefully.


Shelly Parker

(307) 277-6210

Saturday, April 15 & Sunday, April 16
Soft Opening (VIO): 10 AM
General Public: 11 AM
Event Close: 3 PM

$10 Each, Age 2 & Under Get in FREE

If purchased online, TicketsWest adds considerable “fees” on top of our ticket prices. Thus, we are encouraging the public to purchase tickets at the fairgrounds that day. If you have an questions, please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator: M. Lindsay Brown – (509) 834-9659 (text ok too!)


Please come to the Yakima State Fair Park Grandstands via the roadway off 18th Street, marked GATE 11 (at YV Tech building). You can follow the road to the back side of the grandstands, there will be signage indicating volunteer parking. Park just outside the track fencing to allow for easy entry to come and start your shift.

The event starts with a soft opening at 10 AM for our Very Important Operator (VIOs) guests and we welcome the public at 11 AM. Volunteer lists will be provided to the State Fair Park attendants. When you arrive at either entrance, you will be given a wristband that volunteers are required to wear. Following entry, you will need to check in at the CWHBA tent highlighted on the map.

Safety FIRST to avoid the worst!

Emergency Procedures for Volunteers

If you see something SAY SOMETHING!

Safety begins with your commitment to monitor situations and not let them develop into an emergency.  This includes anything:

  • Unsafe or which poses a security problem
  • Illegal, Hazardous, and/or unethical
  • Damaging to the reputation of Dozer Day

Safety Instructions

Anyone with a minor injury (a cut requiring a band-aid, etc.) will be directed to the First Aid Tent for treatment. Serious Injuries can be handled by AMR Paramedics onsite. Please note the location of CWHBA on the map.  If you believe the injury/incident is serious, make certain that a 911 call is placed. Do not speak with anyone about emergency issues due in part to confidentiality laws. Requests for assistance with security problems will be handled by on-site Yakima County Sheriff Deputies.  Police will be summoned if necessary.

Lost children must be escorted (by TWO adults) to the Lost and Found area located at the Information/First Aid Tent.  Parents looking for lost children should be directed to the Lost and Found area. 

Information / Lost & Found / First Aid

Please locate the radio closest to your area in ADVANCE so you’ll know where to locate one quickly for any problems that require assistance, but don’t warrant a call to 911. Provide directions and information to attendees and notify onsite AMR of any first aid requirements. For any significant injury, we will need to complete an incident report at the volunteer check in.

If anyone loses or finds anything the CWHBA Welcome Wagon will serve also as the “Lost and Found.” Please take their name and phone number.

Lost Child - CODE BLUE

In the event child / parent is lost, send out a radio call for CODE BLUE:

All equipment is halted, and the entryways are blocked for passage in or out. Include the child’s first and last name and any description (age, hair color, clothing, etc.). This is important information as we will be guarding the gates. Two volunteers must always remain with a lost child. Monitor any lost children and let someone with a radio know immediately.

Event Days

The tentative schedule for the two-day event may continue to grow/change as we arrive onsite to determine final needs so thank you for your flexibility. We will have snacks and water available for volunteers and a variety of food and snack vendors onsite. If you are volunteering for the entire day or are operating heavy equipment, you will also receive a lunch ticket to use at selected food vendors on site. We also want to thank you for volunteering by giving you your choice of either a Dozer Day T-shirt or hoodie!


Shift 1 (9:00 AM - 12:30 PM)

We will have a required safety briefing first thing each morning at 9:15 am so please arrive on time as we go over event details and safety information.

Shift 2 (12:00 PM - 3:30 PM)

Upon arrival, you will visit the white CWHBA tent in the middle of the grounds marked on the map. You will be given the briefing and directed to a specific location where you’ll be put to great use!

Volunteer Functions

This event takes a whole crew to run efficiently, so please look at the schedule and review your corresponding instructions. FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VOLUNTEER AREA UNTIL YOU ARE RELIEVED BY THE VOLUNTEER FOR THE NEXT SHIFT.  THANK YOU!


Welcome attendees with excitement. Children (ONLY) get to select their choice of one hard hat or one safety vest. Example: “Welcome to Dozer Day thanks for coming! Are you ready to get to work?! Well, safety first! You can have one – would you like a vest OR a hard hat?” Inform people about the event program (online) and the scavenger hunt. Hand out the accompanying mini flyers. Occasionally, monitor the picnic area and help keep the area neat and clean. If the trash is full, flag down trash crew to empty trash cans as needed.


Each “attraction” will include volunteers to serve as both Operators and Pit Crew. Before getting started, work out a signal with your pit crew monitor so that you know when the two minutes are up, and it is the next child’s turn. Welcome kids to climb aboard and assist them in SAFELY driving the equipment. Keep your hands on the controls but let them somewhat work it as well. Always keep safety the priority. Look for your line monitor to flag you after 2 minutes and the child can deboard.


Assist children (may require lifting up to 40 pounds) on and off equipment or allow parents to do so, maintain line control and line of sight visibility to equipment operator in case of emergency. Monitor ride time to ensure two-minute rides per child, signal equipment operator by waving a flag one minute prior to the end of time limit. If lines become too long, shorten ride time accordingly.


Manage waiting line for heavy equipment “attractions”. Keep participants away from the edge. Once all are seated, cinch the back, and give the signal. Volunteers need to maintain line of sight visibility to equipment operator in case of emergency. One waiting line volunteer will always ride on the wagon with participants to help ensure safety and seated position. Enforce staying seated until driver gives “Ok” to exit.


(Swag Sales / Volunteer Check-In / Scavenger Hunt Prizes)

  • SWAG SALES: We will have a variety of Dozer Day branded items for sale at this event. Volunteers in this area help customers with reviewing the products for purchase and support the cashier in selling items.
  • SCAVENGER HUNT REDEMPTION: When children complete the scavenger hunt, they can trade it in for a prize! This rule is loosely enforced, especially considering the age of the child — We are not the prize police and want to be sure it stays FUN!
  • VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN: You will also serve as a volunteer check-in attendant (mostly during the 12-12:30 shift change). Here, you will welcome volunteers, find them on the list and have them sign in prior to reporting for duty. Direct them regarding their assignments. Give them:
    • volunteer handbook
    • a required wristband to wear
    • safety vest to wear
    • lunch tickets (two shifts or operators)
    • water, snacks

Monitor radio correspondence, ensuring all requests for additional volunteer coverage are met utilizing any extra volunteers available in the area. Respond immediately if there are “volunteer floaters” available to respond to a request. When volunteers are leaving or checking out, please be sure to collect their vests.


EVENT DIRECTOR: Shelly Parker – (307) 277-6210

EXECUTIVE OFFICER: M. Lindsay Brown – (509) 834-9659